Cradles Belts & Slings

IPEC Roller Cradles



Roller Cradle Assemblies / Roller Slings

Roller Cradles

Roller cradle assemblies for pipe sizes 6″ (152 mm) through 60″ (1524 mm)

  • Various cradle assemblies for pipe sizes 6” (168MM) through 60” (1524MM)
  • The cradle design provides quick disassembly for transit/storage and eliminates welded seam hang-up
  • Slings for pipe sizes 2” (51MM) through 8” (204MM)
  • Designed load capacity insures safe handling of heavy wall pipe
  • Multiple polyurethane rollers spaced to support the pipe evenly and prevent an “egging” problem
  • The wire rope assembly meets ANSI B-30-9 sling requirements, OSHA 1910.184 sling requirements and OSHA 1926.251 material handling requirements

Pneumatic Tired Pipe Cradles

Tired Cradles

Pneumatic Tire cradles designed for pipe sizes 4 in. (102 mm) through 48 in. (1219 mm)

  • Five pipe range designs for pipe sizes 4” (102 mm) through 48” (1219 mm)
  • Large pneumatic tired cradle wheels mounted on a strong steel frame with cradle bails
  • Pipe centering rubber guide roller adjust for various pipe sizes
  • Handles coated and wrapped pipe without danger of damage
  • Eliminates lowing-in belts with multiple tractors using the leapfrog method

3 Axles Pipe Cradle

3-Axle Cradles

3 Axles PIPE CRADLE – Sizes 2″ to 12″; 12″ to 20″ models

  • Adjusts by means of keyed, threaded shaft for all pipe within range of cradle
  • 2” – 12” and 12” – 20” models available
  • Urethane roller insert protects pipe coating

#GMPLowering-in Belt

Belts-Lowering in

LOWERING BELTS with Nylon webbing for durability and strength. ALLOY STEEL HEAD IRONS for greater strength & less weight

  • Heavy Duty Nylon webbing for durability and strength
  • Alloy steel end irons for greater strength with less weight
  • End irons painted
  • Web coated with Heavy Duty Vinyl coating
  • Lowering-in-Belt and Head Iron sold separately
  • Belts used around the world, in all types of climates, in sizes up to 60” Diameter Pipe
  • Custom Belts available for additional pipe diameters

#GPC BLP Lined Steel Choker Belt

Choker Belt

Lined STEEL CHOKER BELTS Aligns pipe exactly without slippage Roll pipe, pull pipe, secure extreme bends

  • Aligns pipe exactly without slippage
  • Roll pipe, pull pipe, secure extreme bends – all without damage to the pipe
  • Fastest tool available for positioning/handling pipe
  • Fully adjustable for coating thickness
  • Super Heavy Duty Barrier webbing for increased life
  • Easily repairable in field for longer life
  • Used around the world on pipe up to 60”
  • Heavy Duty Models available in 2X above capacities